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Middle East. 24th of February, 1999.

The US Secretary of Defence, William Cohen, while on official visit in Kuwait, was kidnapped by the members of the Iraqi Secret Service and taken away to an unknown place somewhere in the Iraqi desert.

USA. 1st of March 1999.

CIA receives confirmed information about the place where William Cohen is being held. It turns out after a satellite search that the area is not strongly protected.

USA. 2nd of March 1999.

President Clinton makes a decision about a military operation which will be executed by a special elite unit: Delta Force. The troops posses a helicopter, UH-60 Blackhawk.

Plan of action:

The commando unit will carry out a landing operation near the palace, it will quickly rescue the Secretary and take over the palace, waiting for the strike force. The first task of the strike force is to combat the enemy resistance and eliminate every direct threat to American troops, its second task is to rescue the Secretary from the palace and transport him safely to the borders of Kuwait. The mission must be completed in 60 minutes. After this time, the Iraqi forces will attack the palace and secure the borders making it impossible neither to rescue the Secretary nor to get out of the Iraq territory.

Breakpoint, developer of mobile games from Poland, announcing the launch of its latest mobile game: 'Delta Force'. 'Delta Force' is the first game from Breakpoint which uses innovative top down rotating view engine. In "Delta Force", gamers play as a Blackhawk UH-60 pilot from the "Delta Force" elite unit or take control over a single commando which can be very useful in eliminating a missile lunchers. To finish the game, player have to complete more than 10 missions of different type. Missions are partially interactive, so, if the player fail to accomplish mission objectives he can have a big troubles in later missions. Of course he can always repeat unsuccessful mission. Several types of deadly weapons: minigun, rockets, bombs. Advanced vibrations, intuitive control over the UH-60 Blackhawk or single commando and a map function are additional features of the "Delta Force" game.


Do you know how viruses live and what, ensure survival to them?

Both, these computer and these of usual catarrh are ruthless parasites reproducing themselves thanks to the copying the code of programme or the genetic code. And imagine now war of several viruses. This has to be true armageddon. The logical game "QLife" represents such war. Players take control over the red virus and have to reproduce as fast as possible, because only one virus can remain on the battlefield. The one which will copy itself in the largest quantity. Get to know virus life, which is ruled only over one law - the"jungle rule".

Players take control over the red viruses tribe and they fight in true war on healthy cells. Viruses have to reproduce as fast as possible because on battlefield remains only one virus, which will copy oneself in the largest quantity.The move for one or two fields is permitted. In the first instance viruses becomes duplicated, in second it only moves. After the move has been made viruses from the different tribe are assimilated by our virus and they are added to our red tribe.


Thousands of soldiers, hundred of mechanics and technicians, a several doctors, two cleaning ladies and one oil exploiter have been sent, on a military mission in Iraq. But wait, what is doing an oil exploiter on a military mission? It is simple. His job in this mission is very important. Everybody knows what it is really all about in this war. All countries taking part in this operation have sent their the best experts in this job. You are one of them. You have to build the longest pipeline you can at lowest costs and to defeat all rivals. Iraqi gold is a great logical game. Thanks to her we will get to know the answer on question which gives many persons today - who will become the main perolum provider on Middle-East market.

The beginning of a pipeline is always visible on board. This way will flow petroleum. Player have a few seconds to begin the building of a pipeline before oil begins to flow by mentioned beginning. The next elements of a pipeline are visible next to board. Player have to fit the elements in such a way, that they create the longest pipeline. If a green light will be lit it means that current level is finished. Player receive points (visible on top) when oil is flowing through pipeline.

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Founded in 2001 Breakpoint company develops mobile games for most popular handsets on market equipped with Java or Symbian technology. Pioneer in Java2Micro Edition in Poland, now on global market with over 30 titles library of games and applications.

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