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GamePlan, a new business-to-business retail sales event for the video and computer games industry, was launched today. With a remit to bring the UK publishing and retail sectors together, it will take place over two days on 29th - 30th May 2008 at The Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot, Surrey.

GamePlan has been created following soundings and discussions with the UK sales channel. Demand for a comprehensive one-stop event for UK retail has been a key issue since the demise of an effective sales event for retailers. With no UK trade show, no E3 and a tough schedule of individual sales conferences across Europe to attend, the call is for a sales event at which retail can meet with all its leading customers in one place over two days.

GamePlan will deliver 40 - 50 key individuals from retail to the event for formal sales meetings and presentations as well as leisure and social time. GamePlan intends to attract 15 leading games companies, which will each have a formal private sales, meeting and presentation suite to talk with their customers.

The event has been created by Tandem Events and Barrington Harvey, both of which have a strong pedigree for producing and delivering successful exhibitions, events and conferences.

Tandem managing director Andy Lane said: "Our starting point has been to address the needs of UK retail. Retail has told us that the number of sales conferences they have to attend has become too time consuming and they need a place where they can meet their leading suppliers under one roof, do business and enjoy some valuable networking time over a two day period.

"They need to see key product 'side by side', and get a real feel for the range of titles they are looking at from their partners, as it helps them with their business. The wider non-specialist retailers have also welcomed the idea of having a number of companies in one place as it enables them to bring in top tier management, helping them make the case for expanding their games coverage and developing more effective sales strategies."

GamePlan is an invite-only event and all retailers will attend GamePlan for free, including complimentary hotel rooms and suites at The Pennyhill Park Hotel for the duration of the event.

For publishers GamePlan offers a dedicated business environment in which to meet key retail, a function room or suite for meetings and presentations, together with hotel accommodation, drinks receptions and dinners, all for a one-off all-inclusive price.

There will be time set aside for a welcome reception between sales teams and retailers, a dinner, golf and full use of the venues amenities including the Spa.

GamePlan 2008 - Agenda

Thursday 29 and Friday 30 May: The Pennyhill Park Hotel, Bagshot, Surrey

Wednesday 28 May, 7pm

Retail guests arrival and reception

Thursday 29 May

Networking breakfast

Sales meetings - All day

Networking Reception, Dinner and Party

Friday 30 May


Sales meetings - AM

Golf, Spa and other activities - PM

For more information, please contact Ali Wynn at Tandem Events on 020 7405 4500.

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