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New from Xing Mobile: Tropical Punch

Dutch/Indonesian mobile developers and publishers Xing Mobile are proud to announce the latest installment in the Bubu Kong, Super Nanat and Alyssa franchise. In "Tropical Punch" you are the one doing all the work while Super Nanat and Bubu Kong are very busy getting sunshine and drinking their non-alcoholic cocktails before they get warm. A naughty monkey drops fruit from trees into a playing area filled with square boxes. You need to rotate the squares and match fruits of the same kind in order to clear them from the playing area and get them to Alyssa who makes delicious drinks out of them (you see this actually makes some sense now as the circle is round. Fruit, rotate, drinks. Sounds logical right?).

Tropical Punch runs on all MIDP-2 phones with a 176x208 screen resolution. If you are interested in distributing Tropical Punch or any of Xing Mobile's other 55+ proprietary J2ME games then please contact Alex de Vries at For more information regarding Xing Mobile and its products please visit

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