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New from Xing Mobile: Girl's Land

In the fast expanding Super Nanat, Bubu Kong and Alyssa franchise Xing Mobile announce the release of "Girl's Land", a platform game for mobile phones. Bubu Kong has escaped after being imprisoned in a rehab clinic to cure both his banana addiction and his obsession with kidnapping poor defenseless girls. Bubu Kong however found his way into Girl's Land, of all places, which is populated by Alyssa look-a-likes... Super Nanat needs to jump to every remote area in Girl's Land to reach Alyssa's friends and guide them to Alyssa's tea party safely. Bubu Kong will surely beat the living daylights out of Super Nanat when he catches him so we did not send in the hero unarmed. Super Nanat can dig holes to temporarily slow down Bubu Kong as in his blind rage he'll not look where he's going and fall flat on his face in a ditch!

Other games in the franchise are: Bubu Kong (PC, mobile), Super Nanat Xplozion (Mobile), Balloon Popper (Mobile), Bubudoku (PC) and the PC version of Super Nanat Xplozion which is still in development.

Girl's Land runs on all J2ME MIDP-2 phones with a screen size of 176x208 or higher. If you are interested in distributing Girl's Land or any of Xing Mobile's other titles then please feel free to contact Alex de Vries on alex@xingmobile.nl. For more information regarding Xing Mobile and its products please visit www.xingmobile.nl.


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