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New British Development Powerhouse Created!

Climax merges its Solent, London and Handheld divisions to create the UK’s largest studio, Climax Action!

London, UK. 29th November 2004 -- Climax Group, the country's leading independent video game developer, today confirmed the creation of the UK's largest single studio. Branded Climax Action, this mega studio has been formed from the merging of Climax Solent, Climax London and Climax Handheld, and is an integral part in the company's on-going expansion.

Assuming a lead role in the Climax Group's development of critically acclaimed, commercially successful products, the new studio's mission is to pioneer multi-genre-action (MGA) games for PS3 and Xbox 2.

Next generation games require huge teams and MGA games in particular require broad skills and technology. This exciting merger ensures Climax has both - and in good time to make a serious impact at the launch of the new generation machines.

With studios in Solent and London, Climax Action has brought together the teams and technologies extensive experience of developing first-person shooters, role-playing games, racing games and wargames. Already the new giant studio has some of the country's most talented games developers working together to produce groundbreaking, genre-defining action game.

"This exciting development is a glowing tribute to the progressive thinking here at Climax," said Simon Gardner, President of the new operation. "By bringing together the vast experience, expertise and technology from each division, we've created a mega studio that is better equipped to develop multi-genre-action games than any other in the country."

He continued: "With the Solent studio recently completing work on the critically-acclaimed Sudeki, and the London division working on a massive action license, now is the perfect time to bring these respected studios together. And by combining one team's experience with first-person shooters with the other team's expertise in third-person and vehicle games, we've created a studio that is geared-up to produce truly outstanding action games."


About Climax

Founded in 1988 by Karl Jeffery, Climax Group Inc. has grown to become the world's leading independent video game developer. At the cutting edge of the games industry, Climax develops technologically advanced and critically acclaimed interactive games software for all major console platforms. The company works with major worldwide publishers such as Microsoft, SCEA, Buena Vista Games and THQ to create such hit titles as ATV Offroad Fury 3, Sudeki and the Moto GP series on Xbox and PC.

Climax is headquartered in Los Angeles. Additional information on Climax is available at

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