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Neil Young forms iPhone publisher

ng:moco will be commissioning the development of mobile games from small teams for Apple's phone

The former head of EA's Blueprint studio, Neil Young, has announced the formation of an iPhone games publisher called ng:moco.

Young recently left EA after 11 years of working for the publisher to create his own publishing studio that focuses on the iPhone and "that class of mobile phone".

"I'm leaving EA to found a new type of mobile games publisher that is specifically focused on games for the iPhone and beyond - that class of mobile phone, a more open mobile platform that has the type of capability you see in a device like the iPhone," Young told Gamasutra.

"The company is a publisher. We probably won't do a lot of internal development ourselves... You can feel the excitement around the iPhone and the opportunity for small teams of people to build really interesting things for the device. What we will be doing is essentially commissioning the development, which you can think of as first-party," he added.

Young further explained his decision to leave EA insisting that he still supported the company, saying "honestly, if it wasn't for the advent of the iPhone and the advent of the App Store and the SDK, I would probably still be at Electronic Arts"

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