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NCSoft signs up European distribution partners

Korean online games company NCSoft has announced preliminary details of its European distribution network, following the founding of a European subsidiary in the UK - which officially launched last week.

The company has entered into a distribution agreement with Pinnacle Software in the UK, while distribution in each of the key territories of France, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain and Benelux will be handled by an expert local distributor.

"Our distribution partners will bring experience, dedication and enthusiasm to our business," according to NCsoft Europe sales director Max Brown. "They are the local experts and we will be relying on them to maximise their contacts in the retail channel on our behalf. As our business grows, we will be expanding our distribution network into the rest of Europe."

The first title to be launched in Europe by NCsoft will be Lineage II, the sequel to the most popular massively multiplayer game in the world, Lineage, which will be followed by two further PC MMORPGs, City of Heroes and Guild Wars, in 2005.

The company plans to establish itself among the leaders in the burgeoning European online games market by the end of 2005 - with an eye, no doubt, on the growing revenue capacity of the territory, which is expected to top $3 billion this year, and to exceed $5 billion next year.

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