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NCsoft Heaves Out Dungeon Runners Content Update

Thursday 6th March/Brighton, UK... NCsoft's Dungeon Runners team is keeping things cool for its players by launching a new content update that provides some frosty surprises including snowmen, a new dungeon, new items and improvements to the waypoint system.

The content update, which is considered more of a "Heave" than a full-blown expansion "Chunk," introduces a new dungeon called Balzack's Burrow for player levels 55 and up. Balzack's Burrow is loaded with loot, monsters and a final boss-battle that will require more than just mind-numbing violence in order to claim victory.

Chill Bill, a formidable snowman and the first NPC that players can summon in Dungeon Runners, is available at level 30 and can help players fight enemies. He has several specialized moves, such as the head butt, where Bill removes his head and bashes an opponent. Chill Bill is a low maintenance snowman that can be healed by hitting him with ice projectile spells.

Chill Bill also comes with several cool skills including "On the Rocks" which freezes Bill in a solid bock of ice, slowing down nearby enemies; "Snow Globe" which stuffs Chill Bill into a globe where he receives a major maximum health increase, and "Nippy Twigs" a skill buff which dramatically increases Bill's attack damage and slows enemies.

Closing out wintertime for Dungeon Runners is a visit by Shivery the Incorrigible Snowman who is quickly melting in Townston, so his stay in the game will be short yet filled with bitterness. Shivery, who is a victim of dungeon warming, will provide players with a loot-filled quest, but not without delivering a few pleasantries such as "your parents didn't love you," and "you are adopted."

Additionally, the Heave includes 51 new quests, two new fighter armor sets, new mythic items, a two-handed rifle for rangers and improvements to the user interface and the waypoints system.

"I think that Dungeon Runners players will find these new features, especially the snowmen as being pretty coolliterally," said Stephen Nichols, Dungeon Runners' producer. "We are always looking to create more ways for players to have fun while keeping the challenge compelling. Sometimes features can be a bit silly, but that is what makes Dungeon Runners so special."

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Notes to Editors

This is not the big content update called "Chunks", but a scaled down expansion called a "Heave." Along with this is a set of assets that includes screen shots of the new zone boss (Balzack), screens of Chill Bill in action and WAV. files of the unhappy snowman, Shivery, who doles out bitter quips to players.

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