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Natal renamed Kinect, first titles detailed

Mini-game compilations for the mainstream and a new Star Wars title for the core crowd lead initial software

Microsoft's motion controller has been renamed Kinect, after carrying around the Project Natal moniker for a year.

The name was leaked just hours before its official unveiling at the Galen Centre in Los Angeles, where Microsoft had hired Cirque Du Soleil to create a performance based on the technology.

A range of titles on show included Kinetic Adventures, Kinect Sports – both collections of mini-games – virtual pet-sim Kinectimals, racing game Joyride and MTV's Dance Central. There was also confirmation of Disney supporting Kinect, as well as LucasArts with a new Star Wars game.

Online rumours suggest Kinect will come in two different SKUs, with the most expensive retailing in the US at $189, a far cry from the sub-£50 price muted months ago.

No official price has been set by Microsoft as yet, nor launch date, but The Seattle Times has suggested the hardware will arrive in November.

More details on the Microsoft Kinect event have been posted in the GamesIndustry Blog.

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