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Natal: "I want to see the compelling game first," says Valve's Faliszek

Left 4 Dead writer also questions how much gamers want to move around

Natal is looking "really cool", according to Valve's Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek, but he is concerned it won't come with a launch title that makes it as compelling a purchase as the Wii, or that gamers actually want to move around in order to play games.

"We [Valve] got to check it out, and it’s actually really cool,” he told Destructoid. "Like, there's someone running around, jumping around and someone else walks up and it instantly recognises this other person, splits them off and [they do] their own thing.

"There's a lot of coolness around it, but I'm not sure about the game that comes with that, and I'm not sure, personally, how much I want to move around. I'm a lazy, lazy man. I don't want to move. I don't want to be fatigued playing a game."

Of course, Nintendo has proved with Wii that a large number of gamers are happy to move around to play games - but a large part of the console's success was down to its launch games, according to Faliszek.

"I think Wii hit it out of the park with the titles that it shipped with. I bought two Wiis, and they're both [for visiting] family, and playing. I can't seem to box them up and carry them, so I had to buy two. [Wii's launch titles] are perfect games for that … I haven't found much else that's compelling.

"I want to see the compelling game first," he concluded.

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