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iPhone action shooter on the App Store now.


November 12, 2009 – The technology of the future collides with the future of mankind. The launch of Nanoids brings the world of nanotechnology to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The action-packed game provides hours of explosive gameplay and hardcore challenges, engaging boss battles, lightning fast shooting, and imaginative story telling.

Dragged across the universe by a sinister fate, the Petralites must now confront the avatars of death. Destiny, it seems, favors a new breed, a ruthless unfeeling technology bent on the extinction of mankind.

Nanoids is a fast-paced action-packed shooter that is sure to satisfy even the most hardcore of gamers. You have been tasked with eliminating the Nanoid threat and saving the lives of millions on your home world Petra, in your galaxy, and beyond.

Main Features:

Upgradable ship and weapons Dozens of unique enemies to fight Huge challenging bosses Overworld map with many missions to choose from and multiple paths to the final mission Overall progress and stats automatically saved, plus movable in-mission save points Unlockable content with three game modes in total Extensive use of multi-touch interface with onscreen gamepad, right and left handed controls, and individual item touch Local and global high scores allow you to compete alone or with the rest of the world Suspend a game in progress and return at anytime, exactly where you left off Awesome built-in music tracks and sound effects Listen to your own music while playing if you prefer For all art assets please visit or contact Nanoids can be downloaded on iTunes or from the App Store on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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