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NA + European release of The Dark Legions in January 2005

Full price PC RTS game "The Dark Legions" will only be released before Christmas in a few territories. With amongst others Atari as distribution partners the pre-sales count already exceeds 75.000 units with more in store in the weeks to come. The reason for the slipped release date in many territories, including most of Europe and North America is that several distribution agreements for the title are not in place yet. Due to the tremendous success of the pre-sales in just 10 countries which didn't even include the traditionally strong markets like U.K., France, U.S. or Canada publishers Xing Interactive feel confident that sufficient interest at retail level is generated to acomodate a January 2005 release. The game will be sold at the equivalent of 29,95 Euro.

The Dark Legions is a medieval fantasy RTS game in which the player steps in the shoes of a young Prince destined to overthrow his father's murderer who now sits on the throne. Vast armies, magical and mystical creatures and heavy artillery siege engines are at your disposal to achieve this.

Xing Interactive are still looking for distribution partners in some territories in order to maximise retail exposure. Interested companies can contact Alex de Vries at


Alex de Vries

President and CEO

Xing Interactive C.V.

Tel: +31-592-398891

Fax: +31-592-398896

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