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Mythic renamed as Bioware influence increases

Warhammer Online producer's letter to the community reveals MMO developer's new identity

The developer behind the creation of the Warhammer Online MMO, formerly known as Mythic Entertainment and EA Mythic, has now officially been renamed to Bioware Mythic.

The change was made public in a producer's letter to the game's community, and was announced at the same time as the plans to move the European players from GOA over to Bioware Mythic.

"As you now know, we are working with GOA to transition the European community over to Bioware Mythic (Like the fancy new name? We're still getting used to it ourselves)," wrote Carrie Gouskos. "We're overjoyed to welcome our European players and are looking forward to more direct interaction with them."

Mythic was founded in 1995 and prior to being acquired by EA was responsible for Dark Age of Camelot - an early MMO known for its strong player-vs-player ethos.

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