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Mystery and Adventure in Zooloo Land!


Strasbourg / France - 8th November 2005

Adventure and romance on your phone

Hot in the footsteps of their first game, "Yu, a warrior tale", which follows the quest of a young warrior who becomes Emperor of China and the announcement of the release of "Lucky Luke Outlaws" by the end of the year, the mobile phone game creators The Mighty Troglodytes present their new creation, which will have all lovers of mystery and action itching to play: Adventure Boy in Zooloo Land.

Set in the 1950s, at the height of the colonial period, the world of Adventure Boy is packed with clichés from the epoch, with a slightly eccentric twist. Following in the tradition of all great adventurers who set out in search of forgotten worlds and hidden treasures, Willy Woodcliff was knighted by King George V at the age of 6, becoming Sir Willy Woodcliff, after discovering a lost treasure that had once belonged to the English Crown, in his London playground. In this first episode, he must save his beautiful accomplice, making his way through the terrifying jungle of Zooloo Land, dodging the many monstrous traps laid by the diabolical Dr Fernandez Da Cruz. An upbeat cross between Indiana Jones and Rick Dangerous, Adventure Boy in Zooloo Land will awaken the adventurer in all of us.

Features of the game

Adventure Boy in Zooloo Land is a side-scrolling 2D platform adventure game. The player steps into the shoes of Sir Willy Woodcliff, the most famous British adventurer of his time, and must take him through several environments until the final meeting with his sworn enemy.

This game is easy to get the hang of, despite its advanced gameplay; it has attractive environments and animation and high-quality development. Its release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2006, through our international distribution network, and will be available in Java and EGE versions. It will be compatible with some 220 phone models* in the main languages of the countries where it will be released* (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian).

For more information about Adventure Boy in Zooloo Land and the new creations from the Mighty Troglodytes, to gain a clearer idea of their vision and admire some of their work, visit

The Mighty Troglodytes ® - 89A route des Romains - 67200 Strasbourg - France

Phone: +33 388 366 612 / Fax: +33 388 236 059 - email:

Contacts: Fred TAVERNIER - Hugues WANNER

(*) Visit the Mighty Troglodytes website to check which mobiles are supported and in which countries.

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