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Music, Clothing and Freebies Popular With Gamers

Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA) Presents Outcome Of European Games Research


15th December 2004 - European in-game advertising agency Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA) today announced the preliminary outcome of a recently held consumer lifestyle survey amongst 500 European, active male gamers from 22 countries. The survey was undertaken to create more insight in both the spending patterns of this demographic, their media consumption and more specifically their views and attitudes towards in-game advertising.

"We focused on Europe because most of the research on this topic has so far been on the US market, and there are clearly differences between European and US consumers", said Ab Kuijer, Managing Director of the Down Under [Creative Tribe] group. "We closely follow everything that is happening in the overseas markets but the models and research done in the US are not always applicable in Europe. Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to provide more consumer insight specifically for our European clients." Responsible for the survey at DUIA was Nico Zweers.

People participating in the survey classified themselves as 'average' and 'frequent' gamers with an average age of 21. One of the findings was that when gamers play games they do this mainly during the Prime Time television slot (8pm to 10pm) and do this as much in a social context as individually at a ratio of 54% to 45%. This is almost an exact match with recent US figures. Media that suffers the most from the increase in time spent playing games are radio and print, according to the people surveyed. Next to gaming, the internet is the preferred medium for respondents, followed by television.

Music scored very highly as the preferred (other) hobby amongst gamers. This was reflected in the answers towards their attitudes on in-game advertising. "One thing is for sure, gamers are a very vocal and opinionated group of consumers", says Maarten Brands, Creative Director DUIA. "We tested several in-game concepts with this audience, and the feedback was overwhelming. Their own suggestions reinforced our belief that in-game advertising is much more than just sticking billboards in, but is as much about music, product placement, sponsorship and providing special offers."

"The most creative way is to use the Music within the game. Everybody gets hooked to that music! For example, Need For Speed 2 has cool hits, my friend bought 2 different cd's of people that were advertised there', said one of the many respondents on the subject of music in games. Also popular were clothing brands as advertisers in games. "The characters in the game can be wearing the advertiser's merchandise (shoes, clothes, etc.)" and "Have players be able to purchase new authentic clothing for their character", were proffered as suggestions.

Finally, advertisers providing exclusives or unlockable extras were viewed very positive by people surveyed. One respondent remarked: "I think that the most creative, and effective, way to advertise within a videogame is to provide "benefits' for gamers which they achieve by playing the game for a certain amount of time, unlocking a secret, beating the game on a hard difficulty etc. [...] This is a good way to motivate gamers to play through video games and retain them as a video game consumer. This would also greatly promote other products, as videogamers could save money on products that interest them".

Of all respondents 73% stated that they had noticed a product or brand in a game. There was particular mention of the inclusion of Quicksilver in the Tony Hawk Skateboarding games from Activision, Jeep Wrangler in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, and Sony (Ericsson) in Splinter Cell by Ubisoft. More than two thirds of the people that played Splinter Cell said to have experienced the Sony brand.

Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA) will publish more findings from the survey in early 2005.

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