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Multiplayer gaming can 'triple revenues' - Behnke

Exit Games boss highlights benefits for publishers

Exit Games CEO Harald Behnke has told MobileIndustry.biz that mobile games publishers should exploit the opportunities of multiplayer gaming in order to boost revenues.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Behnke said, "From a commercial point of view, it's quite simple; it doubles or triples your revenue.

"Through community online gaming, level purchases and stuff like that, you have a longer customer relationship, which is essential because in many regions of the world distribution of mobile games is a critical thing."

According to Behnke, many consumers still don't have a good understanding of where to buy mobile games - and as a result, "It's very important for publishers to have upselling opportunities or, say, subscription-based models.

"There are other things like creative benefits, but I think the commercial part is number one for the publishers," he continued.

"That's the reason why this whole sector has a take-up right now, but hasn't had a take-up in the past, because there was no chance to get more revenues."

Exit Games was founded in January 2003 and has offices in San Francisco and Hamburg. The company's core product is Exit Games Neutron, a mobile multiplayer solution designed to connect operators and users around the globe. To find out more, read the full interview.

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