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More mobile consolidation as InfoSpace buys IOMO

British mobile games developer and publisher IOMO has been acquired by American wireless content firm InfoSpace Mobile in a cash deal worth around $15 million.

IOMO is one of the UK's most successful mobile developers, with brands including Tomb Raider, Tiger Woods, Colin McRae Rally and Scooby Doo under its belt, as well as its own popular range of "Pub" games.

The purchase will give InfoSpace a significantly wider range of mobile games to offer to its customers, as well as accelerating its expansion into the European and Asia-Pacific markets, where IOMO has a strong presence.

"We are excited to build our presence in Europe and to expand our role in the mobile games space by acquiring IOMO," according to InfoSpace chairman and CEO Jim Voelker. "With IOMO's great team, strong publishing capabilities and broad distribution relationships, we will extend our reach by offering high quality mobile games to subscribers across the world."

The deal was also welcomed by IOMO managing director John Chasey, who described InfoSpace as being "a great fit for IOMO" in an official statement issued today.

"As a company, we have been fortunate to work with several major mobile operators and leading handset manufacturers," he commented. "Now, we are looking forward to taking our relationships, products and expertise to the next level with InfoSpace."

News of the IOMO deal follows the announcement yesterday that another major European mobile developer and publisher, Macrospace, has been acquired by US firm Sorrent.

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