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InfoSpace Mobile makes key European appointments

The mobile division of technology firm InfoSpace has announced two key appointments to its team in Europe, with a pair of new vice presidents being created to manage the company's operations in the region.

Former IOMO boss John Chasey - who joined InfoSpace when IOMO was acquired by the American company late last year - has been appointed VP of European Operations, leading a team which will focus on expanding the European market for the firm.

Meanwhile, George Fraser joins the company as VP of European Sales and Marketing, having worked most recently as the general manager for EMEA and Latin America for content delivery firm RealNetworks.

"InfoSpace has a tremendous opportunity before it in mobile gaming in Europe and abroad," Chasey enthused in a statement this morning. "The company excels in investing in the right assets, technologies and relationships. I'm looking forward to building InfoSpace's games position and taking it to the next level."

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