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Monumental wins £300,000 for MMO engine

Two-year project hopes to make toolset accessible to all

Monumental Games has won nearly GBP 300,000 from the Technology Strategy Board to fund a project to update its MMO engine, the Monumental Technology Suite.

The two-year GBP 700,000 project begins at the end of this month and hopes to make the engine's tool accessible to all by providing a browser-compatible development route.

"This is the first year that the Technology Strategy Board has invited applications from the Creative Industries, and it is encouraging to see recognition for the contribution made by such industries to the UK economy," commented Rocco Loscalzo, CTO of Monumental.

"This award for Collaborative Research and Development has enabled us to kick-start a commercially viable but inherently high-risk project, and we can't wait to get going with our partners."

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