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Monumental offer new Prototype Licence for MMO Developers

Nottingham, UK. 16 October 2007 - MMO middleware and online game developer Monumental Games are now offering a fee-free 'Prototype Licence' for their Monumental Technology Suite (MTS) to help developers take their MMO game concepts to next level.

Developing an MMO game is a daunting task at the best of times, but when the costs of licensing a commercial game engine are taken into account, it can seem all but impossible to get a project off the ground.

Monumental whose suite of tools for MMO production has been developed continuously for the last 7 years, is changing this situation by offering a new fee-free 'Prototype Licence'.

"The nature of game development is changing in a fundamental manner, and it is game developers with new ideas, concepts and methods that will champion growth within our industry. Monumental are committed to minimising the challenges for such developers." says Paul Mayze, Business and Marketing Manager, Technology.

Intended for smaller development studios, who are typically restricted by the substantial middleware investment required for MMO titles, the new licence allows full, unrestricted use of the Monumental Technology Suite.

Under the new model, studios can develop a polished, operational prototype of their product. This will in turn help game developers secure funding, publishing, and distribution deals.

"Although historically the Monumental Technology Suite has been an engine of choice for larger developers, we are still very much on the side of smaller studios," says Rik Alexander CEO. "While smaller studios have the imagination, inspiration and drive to create the next generation of MMO titles, sometimes they need a leg-up, financially speaking to kick-start their projects. Our new Prototype Licence, with our revised developer support programme, will help them move to the next level."

Monumental Games' commitment to MTS is reinforced by their own use of the suite in developing the forthcoming MMO 'Football Superstars' in conjunction with CyberSports.

For further information, please contact:

Paul Mayze, Business & Marketing Manager, Technology.

Monumental Games

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Phone: +44 (0) 115 958 3178

About Monumental Games

Monumental Games (Nottingham, UK) is a game development studio specialising in the design, production, operation and management of large-scale consumer MMO game products for the global marketplace.

Monumental Games develop the Monumental Technology Suite (MTS), a complete MMO game development middleware solution. MTS enables MMO developers to focus on content development, product quality, creativity, added-value, USP features and innovation. MTS contains everything investors, publishers, developers, educators, governments, researchers and media/license owners need to take MMO products quickly, securely and cost effectively to market.

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