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Monster Hunter Mobile passes one million users

Social title sees huge success on DeNA's Mobagetown network

Capcom's latest title in the Monster Hunter franchise has topped one million users, despite being a mobile only title.

Monhan Diary Mobile Felyne Village is only the latest in a long line of Monster Hunter titles to see great numbers in Japan, but is the first to do so on a mobile platform.

The game, which is Capcom's first foray into social mobile gaming, has seen over one million users sign up since launching on DeNA's Mobagetown service on August 10, having passed the half-million mark in just 17 days.

"In addition to the lovable characters and the heart-warming world, the accessibility of the game itself as well as its communication-rich social aspects has helped this supplementary social game reach and surpass the one million user mark in unprecedented speed," said Capcom in a statement, translated by Andriasang.

"An effective promotional campaign has also helped to attract not only fans of the Monster Hunter series, but new users as well."

Capcom is currently holding an introduce a friend scheme with in-game items as rewards to incentivise the further spread of the game.