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Molyneux: "We have to deliver games that have never been seen before"

GC ASIA: Fable 2 designer implores developers to create new experiences, or risk industry stagnation

Lionhead Studios chief, Peter Molyneux, has delivered a call to arms for developers to work harder on creating new game experiences, stating that he believes that is what gamers are looking for today - and that if the industry doesn't deliver on that promise, "we're going to stop...and never get anywhere."

Talking in a keynote speech at the Games Convention Asia Conference, Molyneux - who also explained at length some of the design ambitions for forthcoming Xbox 360 RPG Fable 2 - justified his comments by outlining how he felt his latest game gives the player "unique experiences".

"Although Fable 2 is familiar when you look at it (if you've played Fable 1) it has a host of new inventions," he said. "It's got the dog, and co-op play, a dynamic world and free roaming - all of that stuff, I think it's what makes Fable 2.

"These inventions lead to unique experiences, and those unique experiences are what our consumers want. What gamers want is to experience things they've never experienced before.

"And us as an industry, us as game developers, have to deliver on that promise. We have to deliver games that have never been seen before, because if we don't do that, we're going to stop as an industry, and we're never going to get anywhere.

"If you look at the history of Hollywood - Hollywood went through this time when they stopped making cool films, and suddenly they started again. That's what we're like, but we can never sit on our hands - there is no single game mechanic which we can take for granted - whether it be mini-maps, or death mechanics, or whatever... we should invent and create things that have never been seen before," he concluded.

The talk from Peter Molyneux concluded the first day of the conference and more information on the events taking place at the Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore, is available from the dedicated event page.

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