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MochiAds Launches Casual Games on Aeria Games

California, U.S.A. (February 28, 2008) - MochiAds, a large online games network has partnered with Aeria Games to launch over 1,000 Flash-based casual games playable on Aeria's Web site.

The partnership brings Flash-based games in a mixture with free-to-play massive multiplayer online (MMO) games that Aeria Games has to offer. Aeria Games, a leading MMO publisher has community support from more than 1.6 million users that is rapidly growing every day.

"Aeria Games has a vibrant and dynamic gaming community," said JT Nguyen, CMO of Aeria Games. "They look to us to deliver high-quality, innovative content, and the partnership with MochiAds provides us with the ability to deliver."

In addition to the Flash-based games, Aeria Games will have access to MochiAds existing catalog of PC downloadable games. With the growing community Aeria Games has, adding MochiAds will bring further excitement to an already booming business.

"We're very excited to be partnering with Aeria Games," said Jameson Hsu, CEO of Mochi Media. "Our online games are a great complement to the massively multiplayer online games with Aeria, and the community members will benefit from the engaging content in our catalog."

About Aeria Games:

Aeria Games is the dynamic gaming community where players of all backgrounds and interests can connect, share, and enjoy an unparalleled variety of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games from all over the world.

Our vision is to provide the best Community Gaming Experience and Service to each and every one of our players and best of all, every game is FREE to Play! Start playing our games today by registering here for your Aeria Games account.

Founded in 2006, Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley, California.

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