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GoPet’s virtual pets travel throughout the Internet to expand social networks of owners around the globe.

(Manila, Philippines) - will launch an interactive online community, GoPets, in the Philippine market next month.

GoPets is a global social networking game featuring virtual pets that inhabit a user's computer screen, and behave like real pets. GoPets eat, sleep, and play, and their owners can dress them up and teach them skills such as singing.

According to GoPets Ltd, the creator of the game, each GoPet is a unique 3D companion that makes its home on its owner's desktop. GoPets are not restricted to a single computer, however - when they feel like wandering, they leave their digital homes and visit the desktops of other GoPets owners around the world. In their travels, GoPets visit their owners' friends and families, as well as introducing their owners to other GoPets members who share similar interests.

"These traveling GoPets are messengers and ambassadors - they form the dynamic network of connections that comprise the GoPets social network," said Digital Media Exchange (dme) chief executive Scott Countryman. dme is the parent of

"After GoPets members meet through their pets, they communicate in several ways. On the webpage, users can send each other web messages. Through the GoPets client, users may contact one another using Instant Chat, and users who speak different languages can send each other messages in GoPet's new icon-based language, IKU. IKU helps overcome the limitations of language barriers and fosters communication," Countryman explained.

"What makes GoPets remarkable is that just like real pets, GoPets are natural wanderers. They don't wander on the streets, of course, but the Internet - making friends with other virtual pets and owners across the globe and identifying people who have the same interests as their owners," said Countryman. "As a result, there is always a sense of anticipation associated with the game because you are constantly introduced to new, interesting people.

"This unique, socializing feature enables owners to broaden their social networks as they track the adventures of their GoPets and take advantage of opportunities to meet people residing all over the world," Countryman said.

"Because of the success of our first two offerings in the Philippine market - fantasy adventure MU Online and the casual shooting game Gunbound - we are introducing another unique online community that Filipino gamers, who are warm, sociable people by nature, will enjoy. And as always, our commitment is to offer seamless connectivity and 24x7 multi-channel customer support for GoPets," Countryman said. commercially launched MU Online and offered Gunbound as a free service early this year. The company has 1.4 million registered users and its website,, receives approximately 40,000 unique visitors a day. Last month, over half a million unique users played Gunbound, according to Countryman.

Countryman was previously a principal of PeopleSupport, a startup contact center that has grown rapidly in the Philippines creating thousands of jobs for Filipinos.

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