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Mobile games businesses attaining longevity

USA and UK head the list of global mobile games companies

New data from The Multimedia Research Consultancy shows that more mobile games companies are remaining in business for longer periods of time.

The extensive global survey shows that around 53 per cent of mobile games companies have now been trading for at least five years, with almost 20 per cent lasting more than seven years.

This is despite a slow-down in the number of new entrants into the market - while 2003 saw the single biggest growth in number of businesses with 451 entrants, last year's figure was just 78 in comparison.

While that slow-down, combined with continuing consolidation in the industry, has an effect, the total number of businesses operating was just under 1900 at the end of 2007.

Of that figure the USA has by far and away the most companies by territory, with 322, followed by the UK with 182, China (including Hong Kong) with 140 and South Korea with 134.

In total mobile games companies now trade in 93 countries across the world.

A fuller description of the research results is available on GamesIndustry.biz now.

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