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Mobile developers benefit from $1 million funding boost

Social network MocoSpace award enables three small companies to "accelerate development of HTML5 mobile games"

MocoSpace has revealed that three developers - New Game Town, Joyplay and Kooky Panda - will benefit from additional funding and marketing support in launching HTML5 games in its online gaming space.

The mobile social network has pledged $1 million to each of the companies, courtesy of the newly-conceived HTML5 Mobile Game Developer Fund, leaving them well placed to reach around 17 million users on the MocoSpace Games Platform.

Jeremy Wang, CTO of social games company New Game Town, stated that it has used the funds to convert their game Happy Farm to HTML5 and that the title will launch on MocoSpace - ahead of schedule - this week.

"The MocoSpace Game Developer Fund enabled New Game Town to accelerate our development of HTML5 mobile games and launch at least six months earlier than we had planned," said Wang.

Joyplay, which makes mobile versions of board and card games, were also able to speed up the process of getting their products onto the market thanks to the new funding.

"We were able to polish off our first HTML5 games and then publish them to MocoSpace's established user base," said CEO James Adams.

Kooky Panda's co-founder Cherry Wu was equally effusive about the fund's impact on his Beijing-based social games company, saying "we've put all our chips on HTML5, so we were pumped to get some funding from MocoSpace to help turbo-charge Kooky Panda's growth in that direction."

"We are very positive on the future of HTML5-based mobile gaming and are proud to support our first three partners and their exciting titles," states MocoSpace VP of Games Robert Lindsley. "There's still plenty of funding remaining so we encourage all interested developers to contact us and jump into the browser-based gaming space while it's a green field opportunity."