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Miyamoto: E3 no longer for core games

Broader media attention has shifted focus to new concepts rather than fan-favourites

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has said that E3 is no longer an event where the company will be showing off games aimed at the core gaming audience.

The company has faced criticism this week from loyal fans disappointed that Nintendo barely focused on any of its classic gaming franchises such as Zelda and Mario, but instead unveiled more mainstream sports and music games.

"For a very long time, E3 was an event where — and certainly Nintendo included — catered specifically to the core gamer. Now we look at more … an opportunity for us to introduce new concepts and new types of play that we intend to bring to the broader audience, particularly because of the media that gathers at E3 now,” said Miyamoto to MSNBC.

During the E3 Media & Business Summit Nintendo stated that its dedicated Zelda, Mario and Pikmin teams are busy working on new projects, but no specific details were given, leaving loyal fans disappointed.

But Miyamoto said that although the teams were busy, E3 isn't the right place to showcase classic franchises and fan-favourites.

"So while attending an E3 event like this, they might be given the impression that Nintendo is no longer focusing on the games that appeal to the core gamer, in fact we’re still working on many of those titles, but it’s just not the type of event where we’ll be showcasing that anymore."

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