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Microsoft unveils five new Kinect exclusives in Tokyo

Grasshopper, Grounding, NanaOn-Sha, Capcom and Sega bring new IP; Treasure to re-release Radiant Silvergun

Microsoft has lifted the lid on five new exclusive titles for Kinect from Japanese creators during its keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show.

Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51 are working with Microsoft Game Studios on new horror game codename D, while Capcom and From Software revealed a new Steel Battalion title, Steel Battalion Heavy Armour.

Developer Grounding and cult director of Phantom Dust and Panzer Dragoon Yukio Futatsugi unveiled dragon flight game Project Draco, another collaboration with Microsoft Game Studios, and there was a new title from NanaOn-Sha, family mystery title Haunt, which Microsoft boss Phil Spencer described as "just the start of a long and rewarding relationship" with creator Masaya Matsuura. Sega also showed off horror game Rise of Nightmares.

"Microsoft has never been more committed to Japanese developers, the heart of innovative gameplay, thrilling stories and iconic heroes," said Spencer.

"To date, Japanese games have already grossed more than $2 billion on Xbox 360, and today's announcements signal tremendous opportunities for Japanese developers to deliver the future of gaming with Kinect."

For Xbox Live, Treasure is working on a version of the classic Sega Saturn scrolling shooter Radiant Silvergun, and wrestling developer Spike will release family-friendly brawler Fire Pro Wrestling.

Microsoft also said that Professor Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises will be released in Europe and the US "early next year" and in Japan on November 20, launch day for the Kinect system.

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