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Microsoft changes name in Japan

"Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd" as of 2011, to celebrate 25 years

Microsoft has announced it will update its corporate name in Japan as of next February, as it seeks to increase its profile in a territory that has been less welcoming for it than the West.

From February 1, 2011, Microsoft Co. Ltd., Japan will be officially referred to as the somewhat neater Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd.

Already colloquially referred to as Microsoft Japan, the division has been running since 1986, and is currently headed up by Yasuyuki Higuchi - formerly of Compaq, HP and Apple.

"The Japanese company establishes its 25 year anniversary in 2011," said Higuchi to explain the change, adding that the new name would better suggest local roots for the division.

Microsoft Japan's offices will also be relocated to Tokyo's Shinagawa ward as part of the rebrand.

Microsoft has traditionally struggled in Japan, though the release of the Xbox 360 S last week brought about a significant jump in the company's hardware sales.

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