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Media rumours suggest Jan 27 reveal for PSP2

Unconfirmed reports of Tokyo announcement for Sony handheld

A number of games news sites have published unconfirmed reports that Sony will unveil its next-generation PSP later this month.

A press event is due for January 27 in Tokyo, billed as a "business overview and strategy meeting." Both VG247 and MCV claim to have been tipped off by unrevealed sources that this will see the first official PSP2 details.

Sony has yet to make any announcement, but has a long history of refusing to comment on rumours.

That Sony is working on a new version of its handheld is perhaps the industry's worst-kept secret, with a number of developers and publishers alleging its existence over recent months, plus the emergence of alleged leaked photos of the unit.

It is believed to have a rear-mounted touchpad in addition to traditional buttons, with Sony boss Kaz Hirai even dropping hints to that effect.

Also much-rumoured is a PSP-branded Sony-Ericsson Android smartphone. Whether this too (or instead) will be revealed at the Tokyo event is unknown.

While the alleged reveal is purely rumour and speculation for now, Sony has fallen prey to leaks in the past - including with the PSPgo in 2009.

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