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Sony presenting new touch-sensitive PSP to publishers

Model similar to PSP-3000 with touch-sensitive pad behind the unit; late 2011 release mooted

Sony's next-generation PlayStation Portable features touch-sensitive controls and Flash storage, according a number of high-profile development sources.

Speaking to our sister site, three separate sources have said that the hardware will be similar in design to the PSP-3000, not the most recently released PSPgo, and feature a touch sensitive control area at the reverse of the unit.

Sony has very recently met with publishing partners to show first-party games on the device and presented a business model for the new system, with some suggestions that the hardware will be released before the end of 2011.

Sony has not discussed the hardware publicly. In its press event during Gamescom this week, the emphasis on the current PSP hardware was that it is skewing towards a younger audience.

According to the report, Sony had considered a disc-based storage system for the new PSP, but is now incorporating Flash media support following developer feedback.

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