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Massive Incorporated re-ignites Spark

California-based Spark Unlimited, has signed a long terms strategic partnership with in-game advertising firm Massive Incorporated, encompassing several currently undisclosed AAA titles.

California-based developer Spark Unlimited has signed a long term strategic partnership with in-game advertising firm Massive Incorporated which covers several currently undisclosed high profile titles.

The development studio, most famous for its work on Activision's Call of Duty: Finest Hour and the ongoing legal battle following its split from the publisher, is currently working on a number of titles - details of which are expected to be released shortly. It is unknown at present how many of Spark's current projects will be utilising the Massive in-game advertising technology.

The deal is unique in that there is no publisher involved, leading to speculation over whether or not Spark intends to publish its own PC titles with an advertising revenue stream.

Spark Unlimited CEO Craig Allen commented: "Spark is 100 per cent focused on developing high quality, high-impact games with cinematic realism, and contextual, dynamic advertising is the perfect addition to that effort."

"Massive has the best technology, is simple to integrate, but most importantly, they share our passion for great game content. The revenues that we will generate through in-game advertising will provide the funds necessary to support greater innovations in development that will ultimately benefit our gaming audience."

According to US website, Allen has addressed the issue of an absence of a publisher in the deal, stating: "We know the gamer we're targeting that we want to provide content for. Working collaboratively with Massive, we can better tailor the experience to bring in associated products, services, and like-minded partners in a way that can help the revenue model, help the business plan, and add value to the core audience."

There are currently 29 publishers signed up to the Massive Network, which provides an additional revenue stream through the integration of dynamic in-game advertising. Since its launch in 2004, Massive has delivered campaigns for over 60 blue-chip brands, implementing national and international brands into more than 19 million game sessions.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Spark to create innovative, customized advertising for their games," said Nicholas Longano, CMO of Massive Incorporated. "Their reputation is world-class and the addition of their titles to our network is a major achievement."

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