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Marc Ecko establishes new games subsidiary

Former Take-Two Interactive chairman and chief executive Ryan Brant has pled guilty to allegations that he filed false information as part of a stock-option backdating initiative.

Following his partnership with Atari for 2006 game Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, fashion designer Marc Ecko is expanding his business with a new interactive entertainment division.

According to a statement issued by the company, Marc Ecko Entertainment will focus on "initiating and identifying innovative games" and working with publishers to bring them to market.

MEE president Mike Lynch said Ecko has been looking at investing in games and developing new concepts since the launch of Getting Up. He declined to offer many details of the company's first titles but did reveal, "One of our initial projects is with a developer that was responsible for one of the biggest hits of 2006."

Ecko will take on the role of chief creative officer at MEE, while former Rockstar Games employee Mark Fernandez has been appointed VP of creative. Shawn Rosen, who worked at Acclaim for 10 years, is executive producer.

"Our goal is to expand creativity in videogames - we want to try brand new things," Ecko commented.

"There are so many great ideas out there that either arenât getting the attention they need or are being completely ignored. We will work with the visionaries of the medium and get these inventive titles in the hands of gamers."

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