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MapleStory firm offers $1m funding for indie devs

Nexon Initiative cashpot for promising online game projects

Nexon America has opened up submissions for the second round of its Nexon iNitiative. The scheme offers indie developers up to $1 million in funding for online projects that catch the interest of the MapleStory firm.

Last year's initiative offered funds to Candian dev Antic Entertainment and Polish firm one2Tribe, both of whom are now working on online projects to be co-developed and distributed by Nexon.

"The Nexon iNitiative has been a source of inspiration for Nexon in that it's provided us with the creative incentive to expand to platforms outside of the PC," said Won Il Sue, Nexon America's vice president of business development.

"We anticipate competing in the social gaming space and other platforms, thanks largely in part to innovative game developers discovered through the Nexon iNitiative. By combining our decade of experience perfecting the microtransaction business model with the expertise of the game developers we're funding, we anticipate that the results will be an evolved, innovative and more engaging social games."

More details and entry requirements are available here.

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