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Magician's Quest Mysterious Times

A spellbinding update.

April 7th, 2009

Media Alert

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today revealed new game details and screenshots from the upcoming real-time adventure title Magician's Quest Mysterious Times for Nintendo DS™. Magician's Quest Mysterious Times is a unique combination of an adventure game and simulation RPG. Players are tasked with attending classes at Magic Academy while learning the mysteries of magic and the art of casting spells while building relationships with other students. As players attend classes, they'll be immersed in a living, breathing world where time progresses as it does in the real world, and each week, player's skills are put to the test in a new magical adventure. Using their spell casting abilities and unique interactions with other characters and their surroundings, players are confronted with puzzles and adventures that will challenge their skill.

Magician's Quest Mysterious Times contains over 50 mysterious events and introduces a variety of unique characters. Additionally, the town in Magician's Quest Mysterious Times is packed with all sorts of crazy characters and different locations to make purchases. While the majority of the people in town are students, each with their own personality, there are a number of others who live and work in town. Here's a guide to just a few of those people, what they do and where you can spend your hard earned Ritch, the currency gained within the game.

The Town and its People

Reginald: Reginald is responsible for everything that happens in Magic Academy's dormitories, where your character lives. He'll provide advice to you on all sorts of things from the layout of the dorm to the schools set-up and where you need to be at certain times. Be careful however, if you turn off your game and forget to save your progress Reginald will be the one who hassles you about it making you do chores to make up for it!

Mon Paris: Magician's Quest Mysterious Times is all about customization, this means you too! If you are tired of the same old look you begin the game with head over to Mon Paris and visit Roley, stylist to the stars. Here you'll be presented with a variety of styles to choose from. If you like one, for a small fee, you'll be magically transformed.

Mr. Oakley: Mr. Oakley will be the very first teacher you meet. He teaches staff magic classes which teach you how to perform various magic spells. Every time you attend one of his classes he'll teach you a new spell and stamp your attendance sheet. Be sure to attend classes, your attendance record counts!

Vivian's Boutique: School uniforms, not required! At Vivian's you can find all sorts of clothes and accessories to wow your friends. Items range from sensible shirts, glasses and pants to the out of the ordinary. When was the last time you went to school wearing a motorcycle helmet or Indian headdress on?

Thom: Thom is the man to see if you have a letter or note you want to send to someone else in town. He's the cool cat that works in your towns Post Office and allows you to send telegrams to your classmates or friends visiting town.

The Emporium: Some incantations require certain hard to find ingredients. Things like Freaky frog Fat and Eye of Newt as examples. Not only is the Emporium the place to find these ingredients but you can also earn Ritch by finding ingredients scattered around town for Malia the shopkeeper.

Principle Sol: As you might have guessed, Principle Sol is the headmaster of Magic Academy. In addition to managing day-to-day events at the school, he also teaches all of the introductory classes that'll teach you the basic skills you need to be successful in school. He may be an old man but he's full of wisdom.

Harrows: Easily the largest store in town with two floors of goods. One area offers an abundant supply of furniture, another area offers wallpaper and carpet while the third offers musical instruments and CD's. Not to mention, Harrows is your one stop shop for flying brooms and broom upgrades. But make sure you arrive with plenty on Ritch on hand, souped-up brooms are pricy but well worth it. Travel in style!

George: George the goat works at the local bank. Since buying all the accessories in the game cost money George is the man who'll manage it for you. Ask him to deposit or withdraw money from your account or even utilize his safe deposit box for items you'll need to store for use of later on.

Marcy: When life gets you down, she's the one to see. Marcy manages the Lime Light, a local hang out and juice bar. She'll be more than happy to pour you a tall glass of the daily special or offer you advice on any situation you present her with.

Magician's Quest Mysterious Times for Nintendo DS™ will be released in May 2009 on Nintendo DS™. For new screenshots of the characters and more, please visit our media download site at:

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