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Louise Goddard appointment

Business development director promoted to chief executive officer.

Louise has served as head of content and product manager of pioneering mobile entertainment companies such as MonsterMob/Zed and Rok Media, where she spent her career in content management, administration and marketing. She joined the mobile game developer CeptekiDunya Mobile Software Co. in September of 2008 as business development director. She has actively worked on the formation of our company Mobilenter, who have became one of the most well-known mobile game publishers. She has managed to form our large partner network and has our mobile games published in more than 60 countries and in 11 world languages.

One mobile game, "E-5 Underground 3D" has had more than 210 million page hits in only one week, an all time record in the video gaming industry!

After all her efforts to make our company a recognised mobile game publisher, she is now named as our new chief executive officer.

R.Noyan Culum, CEO of CeptekiDunya Mobile and founder of Mobilenter, said that ‘Mobilenter has become a key player in the mobile gaming world, with high quality products and an expanding partner network’. “Louise was always our key player” said Culum. “Louise had been a mobile entertainment veteran when joining us 2 years ago; then she worked tirelessly on growth. She is the manager of our partner network and is already an organic member of the team. Since we started to think about the structural growth of Mobilenter, she was always the right person to execute the new system, as she was already the person who was executing the original!”

Goddard said “I have found working with Culum and his team both exciting and challenging, they are always looking to cross boundaries with new games across all territories. It is a pleasure to be associated with such a dynamic team”.

Louise Goddard took up her new duties at the beginning of 2011.

Louise Goddard biography

Louise Goddard named as the new chief executive officer of Mobilenter on January 1, 2011.

She was for the previous 2.5 years, the business development director of CeptekiDunya Mobile. She successfully managed to create a large, global distribution network in her role.

Louise began a 7 year career as a content manager in MonsterMob and then Zed to become the head of global content for the company. Then, she was product manager at Rok Media for the next 2 years.

She is a successful athlete in her private life, a long-distance runner and winning member of fell, cross-country and road running organizations.

Louise earned her qualifications in Graphic Art & Advertising at the University of Huddersfield.

About Mobilenter

Mobilenter is a global publisher of mobile games, mostly in the 3D genre, with a large distribution network and titles available in more than 60 countries.

More information is available on our official website at mobile games by Mobilenter.  

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