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Lost Saga

Cast swelled by Robin Hood, Kage Ninja and Crazy Sapper.

El Segundo, Calif. - Jan. 21, 2010 - Robin Hood, Kage Ninja and Crazy Sapper are the newest heroes in OGPlanet's Lost Saga, and with an array of unique strengths and abilities, they'll be holding their own against the rest of the historical and fantastical characters in the all-out brawler.

Everyone's favorite well-intentioned thief, Robin Hood, isn't the hardest hitter in Lost Saga, but what he lacks in brawn he makes up for in agility. Robin Hood will keep opponents guessing with quick maneuvering and lightning-fast bow-and-arrow attacks. In a small battle, or one with plenty of space to dart around, Robin Hood is an excellent choice.

Double jumps and a whirlwind attack are among the tools in the Kage Ninja's arsenal. Ninja stars and the ability to disappear and sneak up behind enemies make the Kage Ninja a formidable opponent. Players facing a Kage Ninja need to beware when they are near an edge or cliff side, because it's then he's at his most deadly.

Players who love making a big impact will be drawn to the Crazy Sapper. Armed with great knowledge of bombs and explosives, the Crazy Sapper can turn the battlefield into a minefield. In a large-scale battle against multiple opponents, the Crazy Sapper and his explosive arsenal are an invaluable asset.

Lost Saga players can test out their new heroes on the brand-new Wild West map, a battleground loaded with railroad tracks, taverns and cliffs. Shiny new Future Gear, upgraded weapons and accessories, and newly customizable options including facial expressions and hairstyles are also available beginning this week.

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About Lost Saga

Lost Saga pits players against one another in a battle for the ages. Players face off with heroes from fantasy, science-fiction and history, including everything from boxing champs to iron knights, pirates to ninjas, and even cowboys to dark shamans. Each hero comes with unique skills and abilities, and as players hone their battle skills and gain experience, their characters' powers will grow.

About OGPlanet

OGPlanet is a leading North American publisher of online games. The company, founded in 2005, offers a selection of some of the best massively multiplayer online games on a free-to-play basis. Users experience beautiful, easy-to-play multiplayer online games without the obligations of a subscription fee. For more information, visit

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