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Light of Altair

Sci-fi colony builder from UK's SaintXi to get a retail release via Mamba Games.

Mamba Games continue to grow there release schedule with the release of Light of Altar a game developed by UK based Saintxi The game has been available for download since late last year but Mamba Games are confident that the game will do well in the open market.

Jason Codd: “The Space Simulation market is very niche and the product has done extremely well on digital portals so we are confident that with a lack of this genre out there in retail we could have a little gem on our hands”

Game description:

Light of Altair is a sci-fi colony building game with an extensive plot. Grow colonies from landing pods to metropolis, while sending off new spaceships to expand your territory to other worlds. You are not alone in space, 8 factions from different parts of the world are all following their own agendas in the solar system; diplomacy and orbital-combat are essential to learn.

Light of Altair is based on a custom built 3D engine that enables easy zooming from galaxies all the way down to individual moons and asteroids covered in the colonies with their glass domes, mines and launch pads. Advanced shader technology is used to add rich details and lighting to surfaces.



*Colony building on planets and asteroids throughout a system.

*Manage industries and colonists to grow from a tiny landing unit into a towering city.

*Detailed storyline based on a future-history of Earth.

*Rich single player campaign traced across the galaxy.

*Play out important plot events from different sides taking on the role of one of 8 different factions.

*Detailed tech-tree with over 30 weapons, buildings, and ship-mods to discover.

*Cinematic camera views of space battles in planet orbit.

Release date 23rd October 2009- Format PC

Demo and review copies will be available next week.

The launch of Mamba Games official website will be early September – the site will be used as a reference centre for journalists to download new screen shots, synopsis , demo etc as well as housing the Odyssia download portal.

For sales contact :

For more information and screen shots contact

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