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Light Brick Studio splitting off from Lego

Builder's Journey developer goes indie with investment from Lego Ventures, will continue to work on Lego games

Light Brick Studio is no longer part of the Lego Group.

The Builder's Journey developer and former in-house studio at Lego today announced that it has spun out with the help of the toy maker's investment arm, Lego Ventures.

Light Brick will continue to be led by co-founders Karsten Lund and Mads Prahm, and will continue to work on new games using the Lego brand.

However, the announcement did specify it will have the ability to partner with companies outside the Lego Group on future projects.

"We're very excited to be able to expand and continue our journey to create new and interesting experiences, pushing the boundaries of digital play and creativity," Lund said. "While we still feel very much connected to the Lego family, this independence will give us space to explore the future of creative play even further."

Lego Ventures head of marketing and value creation Rob Lowe explained how the deal fits with his outfit's remit, which is "to explore the future of learning through play."

"The studio fits well into Lego Ventures' investment thesis of exploring the edges of the Lego idea through digital play, and we know first-hand how talented this team is," Lowe said. "So we're really looking forward to supporting them in becoming independent and scaling their business."

Released last year exclusively on Apple Arcade, Builder's Journey was Light Brick's first release.

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