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Life is Strange: True Colors wins Peabody Award

Deck Nine and Square Enix's title was among five winners in a newly created category

Life is Strange: True Colors was among the winners in the new Interactive & Immersive narrative category at the Peabody Awards, which recognise excellence in storytelling.

The 83rd Peabody Awards took place yesterday, with Deck Nine and Square Enix's title recognised for "showcasing both empathy as a superpower and the power of games as a medium for emotionally resonant storytelling."

The Peabody Awards also highlighted Lucy and the Wolves in the Walls, a VR title from Fable Studio, "for its sweet insistence that all is not as it seems in the world, that trust and belief transcend age, that neither adults nor children have cornered the market on truth, and for its invitation to be curious at every corner."

Reporters without Borders' The Uncensored Library, a collection of censored articles being made available within Minecraft for people who might not be able to access them otherwise, was also given an award.

ContraPoints, a YouTube channel by Natalie Wynn, was also rewarded in this category, for "producing complex, thoughtful, humorous, and artfully filmed videos that engage deliberative debate while showing us that social media does not always have to be toxic."

Finally, Reeducated was the last winner in the interactive category. The VR documentary from The New Yorker looks into China’s systemic detention of Uyghurs, with the project recognised for "co-creating powerful immersive evidence of life inside mass internment camps and bearing witness to the profound resolve of survivors in defence of their personal and collective humanity."

The Peabody Awards have only been recognising interactive projects since 2022, with Journey and Papers Please among the recipients of Legacy Awards last year.

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