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Let Operations Commence! New Screen Shots From Real-Time Strategy Shooter Field Ops(TM) Available For Download Now!


Freeze Interactive today released 10 screen shots from its highly anticipated real-time strategy shooter Field Ops. The new screen shots are taken from the games third mission based in Santiago where the Special Operations Group have to take control of a site of abandoned Soviet silos that are to be used as a missile launch site by a group of extremists.

Combining the intensity of real time strategy games with the fast pace of shooters, Field Ops provides a unique insight into the clandestine hunt for the head of an emerging terrorist network. A small, but select team of specialists joins forces to prevail where Police and Special Forces of more than six countries have failed before. With Presidential consent a task force is assembled, registered under the name of "Special Operations Group", with a sole purpose to cripple the terrorist network.

Field Ops is scheduled for release in North America in Q1 2007.

Field Ops Features

A next-generation 3D Tactical RTS, supported by cutting edge FPS and TPS direct control modes for individual soldiers and vehicles

Sophisticated AI, capable of performing complex tactical decisions

4 unique settings and a total of 16 thrilling single player missions

6 individual heroes, more than 30 realistic US and terrorist units and vehicles

Over 20 detailed, real life weapons and modifications ranging from pistols to missile launchers

State of the art physics engine and full 3D environment utilizing the Walker 3 engine

Evolving unit types, with own levels and experience carried on to future missions

Units may run, crouch, prone, scatter or take cover as needed

V.I.P. rescue, Bomb run, and Conquest - the classic multiplayer modes, even in RTS versus FPS setups

Extreme weather conditions ranging from tropical rain to massive sandstorms

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