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Latest Pokemon breaks 1m US sales in 24 hours

Black and White shatters franchise launch records

Nintendo of America has confirmed over one million day-one sales for Pokemon Black and White for its DS handheld.

After just 24 hours the game, which is split into two SKUs, had amassed over 1.08 million units, making it the fastest-selling Pokemon game ever in the US.

The previous record was held by 2007's Diamond and Pearl, with a combined 780,000 sales.

Said Charlie Scibetta, senior director of corporate communications for Nintendo America, "These sales numbers illustrate the continued strength of the Nintendo DS family of systems.

"Already established as the nation's best-selling video game platform of all time, the installed base of more than 47 million makes it the ideal hand-held for developers to reach a huge gaming-focused target audience."

Earlier this week, Black and White was confirmed as the UK's fastest-selling Pokemon launch ever, and Nintendo's third biggest launch in the territory.

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