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Krakatoa Jr.

iPhone mini-game that involves "sacrificing a conga line of young virgins to a volcano god".

Krakatoa Jr. Is a 3D ish mini game, arcade obstacle course style all about sacrificing a conga line of young virgins to a volcano god.... the games namesake, its a little bit Benny hill.

You control the tribes elder taking the followers to the altar for sacrifice avoiding the lava and boulders that roll down the volcano, as the levels progress you get more followers to sacrifice and more difficult maps.

has some screenshots a promotional 1 minute ad and a cam of me playing a few levels on device, we wanted to make something with a nice arcade feel.

I would hope that its a fresh enough take on the arcade genre to standout and that you can see some decent emerging game play from this and our future titles.

It's going to be priced at 59p/99c naturally and has 10 levels of ever increasing lava madness.

updates are planned, more levels , pickups.. multiplayer...maybe.. more tribe sequences and animations... like the promo.

About the company:-

Every Frame Counts Ltd. is a small animation and games company set up by a couple of animators who've been in games since the 90's,

between us we've done bits of work on many major titles, such as Buzz quiz for Sony/relentless, metal gear solid mobile for Konami/Ideaworks, Sega super stars series... amongst others.

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