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Korean studio uses Kinect in PC game

"Many companies" attempting to use new sensor says developer

Korean developer GamePix is to utilise the Kinect sensor in a new PC title - a massively multiplayer online game created for the local market, but made to "resemble console games".

Speaking to website IncGamers, GamePix's Jason Lim indicated that, "Currently in MS, there are many game companies that are trying to apply for this system."

New game Divine Soul will apparently feature combat similar to one-on-one beat 'em-up Tekken, although it's unclear if that aspect of the game will also use Kinect. "The game's support of gaming pads make it resemble console games even more, and is scheduled to support Kinect," said Lim.

"We added PvP combat mode among the contents in online games. In fact, we do believe that this certainly has an advantage as an online game since many players can fight in a tournament and global tournament will be also available," added Lim.

It is unclear whether GamePix will attempt to release the game in the West or if Microsoft will sanction the use of Kinect by PC developers outside of the Asian markets.

However, Microsoft has so far been relatively supportive of hobbyist use of the Kinect sensor and also recently promised to offer support for the device in XNA games.

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