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Kongregate receives $3m in investment

The games site hopes to grow and capitalise on the attention span of its audience

Kongregate, the user-generated indie games website, has secured USD 3 million in investment from Bezos Expeditions.

The site, featuring over 4,000 games, received the funding through the personal investment branch of cofounder Jeff Bezos. It hopes to use the money to expand and capitalise on its user base which is 93 per cent male, most if which stay on the site for an hour a time.

"In a media environment that is defined by constant channel and Web surfing, Kongregate alone captures the ADHD generation and keeps their attention for an hour at a time," said Lee Uniacke, chief revenue officer.

"Kongregate's persistent environment lets users rack-up rewards and achievements that they can display to the community, giving them valuable social currency on the site. Combine that with the edgy and creative Web games that young, talented indie developers upload daily and you've got a great site. It's the ideal online destination for reaching the hard-to-pin-down young male demographic for advertisers like video game companies, movie studios, and auto manufacturers."

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