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Konami: Music peripherals should be compatible across games

Rock Revolution producer says console music instruments are too expensive and should be cross-compatible

Konami's associate producer on Rock Revolution, Keith Matejka, has said that developers of music games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band should make their peripherals cross-compatible.

Describing it as a "big issue", Matejka said the peripheral's cost to consumers and the cost to produce is too high and offer "only a slightly different gameplay experience".

"Compatibility is a big issue for music games," Matejka told MTV.

"Peripherals are expensive for the user and they are expensive to produce. The existing peripherals all deliver only a slightly different gameplay experience."

"Different teams have varying perspectives on what should be compatible with each game. I think all guitar- and drum-based games need to be compatible with each other to some level," Matejka added.

Last month Konami announced plans to compete directly with Guitar Hero and Rock Band with its upcoming title Rock Revolution.