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Koei and NIS America partner for UK distribution

Koei to be exclusive UK distributor of Nippon Ichi Software games

Koei has announced a partnership with NIS America to exclusively distribute the publisher's games in the UK.

According to information released today, Koei will begin distributing NIS America games in the UK starting in late May. So far three titles have been announced: the Gust-developed role-playing game Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of the Metafalica, tactical fighter Cross Edge, and action-adventure title Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

"With Koei expanding its business in Europe and the UK, and NIS seeking to bring its hugely popular titles to a wider UK audience, this distribution deal is the perfect springboard to future success for both companies," said Koei VP of sales and marketing Will Curley.

"As we look to bring our games to a new fan base in the UK, we couldn’t hope for a better partner than Koei," said NIS America's Jack Niida. "Both Nippon Ichi Software and Koei publish games which have attracted loyal followers and are considered leaders in their field, so this is a very natural partnership for us."

Koei has had a good start in 2009, recording record quarter results for the period ending December 31 and a successful merger with Japanese publisher Tecmo.

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