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Killzone 2 fails to crack 1 million units in US

Lifetime US figures for PS3 exclusive shooter show mixed results

Further new NPD Group data has revealed lifetime sales to date for Sony's Killzone 2 title in the US, with the game so far selling only 677,000 units.

First released on February 27, the PlayStation 3 exclusive debuted in the February sales chart at number five, with 323,000 units sold. In the March results the game fell only two places to number seven, with 296,000 units sold.

By April though the game had fallen outside of the top 20, but data provided to website Gamasutra reveals that it sold 58,000 units during the month. As result the game's lifetime total to date in the US currently stands at 677,000 units.

On its release Sony proclaimed Killzone 2 to be its fastest-selling title ever in the US, in terms of reaching 500,000 unit sales. Responding to the March NPD chart, Sony also revealed that worldwide sales had passed 1 million units, suggesting sales in PAL territories at the time of around 400,000 units (The game was not released in Japan until April 23).

Although the sales figures are strong by most standards the game is reported to have cost over EUR 40 million to develop. Perhaps most importantly for Sony, the title has failed to drive hardware sales on the PlayStation 3, which have actually dropped year-on-year in the US since the game's release.

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