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Sci-fi MMO third-person shooter to enter open beta next month.

Russia, Moscow – 22.01.2010

Playnatic, a new Russian Developer with focus on online projects, announces KillSkill, an absorbing multiplayer online third person shooter (MMOTPS) with RPG elements. The story of KillSkill unfolds in the distant future on the inhabited colonial planet & space stations. The players will engage each other in a fight to the death and will opposite to inimical alien races. Main qualities of the game are dynamical game play, original role-playing system, low system specifications and great choice of cooperative PVE-modes (Freight seizure, Preparation of base for the landing, Patrol, Pursuit, Search for the spy, Annihilation, Survival) & PVP modes both classic and original, where players can fight with horde of enemies.

Have a look of screen shots for 2 of 4 emerging game locations to get introduced to the title.

About KillSkill:

Genre: MMOTPS with elements of RPG

Biz model: Free-to-play

CBT date:

OBT date: February, 2010

Q1 2010

Developer: HBM (Saint-Petersburg)

Game Features:

- Advanced RPG system which can select opponents for personal player’s characteristics

- Role structure without classes makes character universal and get possible to retrain quickly

- Great choice of PVE (taking of cargo, preparing base to landing, patrolling, pursuit, search spies, destroying, surviving)

- PVP-modes (FFA, Team FFA, CTF, battle for resources)

- User friendly interface and controls, which easy to handle even for middle-trained player.

About Playnatic:

Playnatic was founded in 2008 and consists of industry professionals with proved experience at Game Industry, including MMOGs.

The business activity includes development, publishing, operating and localization for online games and web-projects.

For more information, please, visit

For PR: Grigory Spitsyn, at

For co-operation: Inna Moroz, at

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