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Khan: The Absolute Power Launched in North America by iEntertainment Network

Unique MMORPG has one of the Best Game Party Systems in the MMORPG World!

(CARY, N.C. - December 6, 2005) - iEntertainment Network, (, a publisher of award-winning online titles and the developer of the World Famous WarBirds TotalSims series of simulations, has announced that Khan: The Absolute Power was launched in North America today on the iEntertainment Network Game Portal ( Khan: The Absolute Power is a uniquely social game with a proprietary MMORPG Party System that is one of the best MMORPGs in the RPG game world.

One of the most popular features of Khan: The Absolute Power is its unique party system. Unlike other MMORPGs where people can level up by themselves, Khan contains an elaborate partying system, which encourages people to make friends and form alliances within the game universe.

"The whole concept of KHAN is that it is a social game," explains KHAN Game Master John Ewan. "It is possible to play the game by yourself but no character is completely self-sufficient. Each character is balanced with its own strengths and weaknesses. To maximize the enjoyment gamers can get from the game, they should make friends, and join parties and guilds. Eventually their guilds will form alliances with other guilds during the Siege Wars. This is the way to Absolute Power. This is the way of KHAN."

Khan: The Absolute Power is played by more than 600,000 people globally and is extremely popular in Asia including in Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Khan: The Absolute Power is being launched with a month long series of events allowing players to challenge their friends to win special prizes, experience points and other in-game awards. Khan can be downloaded today at

Khan: The Absolute Power takes players back to the era of Genghis Khan and his retreat to Asia from his conquests in Europe. The popular MMORPG contains unique features that have been well developed far above most online role playing games including Guilds, Guild Wars, Hunting Parties, Siege Wars, and many special event opportunities to win valuable awards and items for the player's continued quests.

Khan: The Absolute Power contains many exciting game play elements including:

  • TPG (Training Point Growth System)

Each character collects practice points, which are necessary in developing character growth. Agility, Wisdom, Mental power, Physical Strength, and character Charm can be grown and developed to trade in social and economic systems.

  • Fame System

When battling in higher levels, the player will need to posses higher strengths and better game items in order to survive and win. These attributes can be achieved from the Fame System. Fame system points will be also be awarded to those who lead their parties to victory in Quests and Battles. With each Quest accomplishment, the player's reputation will be recorded in the reputation system as fame points. Fame points can be traded for better items and abilities.

  • RTR (Real Time Ranking System)

Characters are ranked in real time during game play. The player's character rank will help in determining his place and objective within the mission and quests in progress.

  • Emotion Icon Chatting System (Instant Messenger)

Khan's IM Chat system uses emotion icon with built in special icon emotion symbols including Hi, Salute, Hurray, ^^, -, -, and many others. The game also supports sentiment icons using expression keys.

  • Free Flowing and unstructured PVP (Player vs. Player) System

In PVP, players are able to build their levels and to gain experience. Khan's PVP system offers players with freedom to seek their own objectives without limiting players to any specific track.

About iEntertainment Network

iEntertainment Network, Inc. (BB:IENT:pk) is a leading provider of online entertainment communities with over 35 online games. WarBirds 2005, IENT's premiere massively multiplayer flight simulation software, which plays on both PCs and MAC computers, has won numerous awards around the world for "Best Online Simulation Game" and attracts players from over 70 countries. A more complete description of WarBirds 2005 and all 35 of the TotalSims games can be found at

iEntertainment Network's Patent Protected Technology

Establishing a mission to deliver cutting edge technology for the interactive entertainment industry, iEntertainment holds an Internet patent (Patent Number: 6,042,477), integral to the development and support of online gaming. The Patent, entitled Minimizing Latency Technology, allows companies to develop their online communities with real-time integration and visuals. For more information on iEntertainment's total suite of online games or gaming technologies, please visit

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iEntertainment Network, Inc.

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